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Why CloverWick-Solar?

Diverse Solutions

We offer multiple Solar Energy based solutions like Solar Water Heater, Solar Panels, Solar AC, Solar Water Pumps, Solar UPS, Solar Lighting and customized projects.

Advanced Technology

We provide the best in class technology, adapt to the international standard for residential,commercial, small and large project requirements.

Customer Satisfaction

We deliver 100% Customer Satisfaction, by designing high performance and durable solutions, specific to customer needs additionally secured by options like Extended Warranty and or Annual Maintenance.

Extended Warranty Period

We ensure complete piece of mind for our customers, by offering the longest period of comprehensive warranty in its respective category, along with options like extended warranty and Annual Maintenance.

After Sales Service and Maintenance

We ensure all our clients have a continued a joyous experience by offering prompt after Sales Service, Genuine spare parts and an active Customer Care Helpline.

Watch the video to see how it works.

About Solar Energy?
Thanks to Mr. Charles Fritts who invented solar cell in the year 1883. Solar Energy is a renewable free source of energy that is sustainable and totally inexhaustible, unlike fossil fuels which are finite. It is also a non-polluting source of energy.


India receives 300 days of sunshine per year across most of the country, thereby we are among the highest irradiation-receiving countries in the world.

Cost of Application

As solar energy-producing systems are built in close proximity to the point of consumption, costs incurred towards infrastructure and transmission is low.

Climbing Electricity Demand

Being a developing country the demand for electricity is on a rising curve due to factors like Industrial needs, rise in household purchasing power, agricultural improvement and Government initiatives -“Power for All”, “Make in India”, dedicated freight corridor, rural electrification and electric vehicles.

Cost Effective

Due to rising demand and depleting natural resources price of conventional energy has been on an annual rise. Advancement of technology and ongoing decrease in cost of green energy has now resulted in solar power being cheaper than conventional energy.

Regulatory Support

To ensure growth the Indian government is offering subsidies and has launched schemes like Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Mission.

I was looking for an alternative source of electricity for my industry site for only lighting purpose when one of my partners strongly suggested talking to management in cloverwick. I must say they not only did give me various options I can use along with solar setup but also fixed everything on time and within my budget. Their management and work delivery process are completely customer friendly, my involvement was bare minimum and the work was finished on time. I heartily wish them all the very best.

Kishore Saha

I happened to avail there services for a solar power pack system. I was very impressed with their knowledge and professional behaviour. As committed they delivered quality all the way and very happy to choosen them.


Solar set up was working out to be a very tedious job for us. So I was looking for an agency to take care of all my concerns.
I wanted to install a solar water heater in my house, I was not sure who all would be required.
But thanks to cloverwick, they did the whole set up for us, with after-service also, I had installed this water heater a year before, and I had mentioned during the installation that I would review them after a year, and I am glad to say, the service has been incredible.
All the best team cloverwick, wish you all success in the future.

Debraj Dinda

Cloverwick was recommended to me by my friend, and he insisted me to use their service only.
I was quite skeptical in the beginning, comparing and analyzing all solar services available, but I must say, the recommendation was a genuine one.
The partners personally contacted me for my requisites, on-time service was ensured.
I thought it would be a hectic task to get all the fittings and setup done, but thanks to cloverwick, I did not have to move anywhere. Everything was done for me.
I would love to use their other services as well. Great job team, highly satisfied with the service.

Lakshmikant D.K.